We wanted to say “thank you” to nurses everywhere.

What is the DAISY Award?

As Patrick’s family, we brainstormed what to do in his memory. We vividly recalled the skillful and compassionate care Patrick received from his nurses during his eight-week hospitalization. We wanted to say “thank you” to nurses everywhere by establishing a recognition program - The DAISY Award(R) For Extraordinary Nurses (The DAISY Award) - to honor the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day.  

In creating The DAISY Award, there were three elements we wanted to ensure our recognition program included: 

  1. A partnership with healthcare organizations to provide on-going recognition of the clinical skill and especially the compassion nurses provide to patients and families all year long
  2. Flexibility so that The DAISY Award may be tailored to each hospital’s unique culture and values.
  3. A turn-key program with The DAISY Foundation providing most everything you need to implement The DAISY Award.

The DAISY Award Today

We never imagined when we created this program in 1999 that today, there would be over 2,000 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and 15 other countries, committed to honoring nurses with The DAISY Award. The strategic impact of the program on nurses and their organizations is deep, affecting nurses' job satisfaction, retention, teamwork, pride, organizational culture, healthy work environment, and more.

Please read the testimonials of DAISY Coordinators who run the program and nurses who have been honored with The DAISY Award by going to our Testimonials page and to Meet Our Ambassadors and selecting a region. 

For details about how the program works, read our Frequently Asked Questions and take a look at our Introduction to The DAISY Award presentation.

Complements to the DAISY Award Program

As we have grown, so has our gratitude to nurses and our recognition program offerings. Facility partners may add to their on-going individual nurse recognition program:

The DAISY Team Award:  Honoring collaboration by two or more people, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of nursing

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award:  Honoring Nurse Managers, Directors and others who create an environment where compassionate care thrives.

DAISY's First White Paper

We are always taken aback by the humility of nurses who receive The DAISY Award because of an extraordinary act of compassion or a relationship they have created with a patient that truly made a difference. So often, these DAISY Honorees respond to their recognition with, "But I didn't do anything special. I was just doing my job." We want to help nurses see in themselves what their patients, families, and colleagues see in them and to help them learn the behaviors that make such a powerful difference. So we co-authored with Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN, President of Creative Health Care Management, an article entitled, Inspiring Nurses to See the Extraordinary in Their Ordinary. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

Click here to ask for more information about The DAISY Award for your organization.

Do You Want to Nominate a Nurse for The DAISY Award?

If you have been the recipient of extraordinary care by a nurse and would like to nominate her or him, please contact us.

We will send you the name of the DAISY Coordinator at the facility where you had your great experience who can tell you how to submit your nomination.

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