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Abel Guerrero

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Abel Guerrero, RN

Emergency Department

Miami Children's Hospital

Miami, Florida

Abel Guerrero shows commitment to patient-centered care on a daily basis. Whether Abel is acting in charge of the unit, working as a staff nurse, precepting a new oncoming nurse or any other countless projects that he is involved with, he gives himself to the task at hand 100 percent. Abel is always looking for ways the Emergency Department (ED) can better itself and is particularly interested in how the hospital can better its relation with our clientele. Abel is involved with the EDs Family Centered Care Committee, the Morale and Retention Committee and is the chair of the departments Self Scheduling Committee. Abel comes to work with determination and a great sense of humor and is always looking for the patients best interest. I cannot remember the last time Abel called out from work and I would venture to say he has not called out of work once in over five years. Abel started at MCH as an EMT and has advanced as a RN III. Abels skills as a nurse has advanced dramatically over the past years and he has become an expert resource, he is always trying to learn something new and relishes the challenges. Abel shows empathy with not only the patients but with the family and caretakers involved with the patient. Abel is the epitome of being a family advocate and if there are any conflicts between the family and the medical staff, he is the go to mediator. Abel is always looking for new opportunities for professional growth and I would not doubt seeing him in an administrative role in the near future. For these reasons and more I think Abel Guerrero deserves the DAISY Award and he will always be considered an extraordinary nurse to me and the ED. Trauma Emergency Room Department February Winners: Yarelis Alicea, RN, Zonia M. Comas, RN and Tania A. Martinez, RN During a Trauma Brown Code the Nurses, Techs, Security Guards and even the Housekeeper worked together. What impacted me the most was what great teamwork, what a team!!! I know they are trying!! The mother of the child noticed every effort been made by everyone, she was so appreciative. Although sometimes as caregivers we have a difficult time and our work can bring so many challenges, on this day and so many others I see the staff working together without being told to. I saw people trying to save a child. I saw people working harder than ever!!! People crying, identifying themselves with this mom who desperately cried for her child. We were so moved by this tragedy and the ER staff made a collection to help for the funeral services. I would like to thank Zonia and Tania for starting this collection during the night shift. When I went to take the collection to the mother, she told me she would go to the ER to personally to thank everyone who was there that day. She also expressed how happy she was that I was there representing our ER. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize how lucky we are for having our health and our children safe. It also makes us realize what Nursing is all about. It doesnt matter if changes are occurring for the safety of the children. What matters is that we work with a great team!!! I would like to thank everyone who was there that day. Not only in direct contact with this patient, but everyone who was in the ER because everyone worked together and did not forget about every other patient. I would also like to thank everyone who donated money, because even though we did not pay for the funeral in total, we helped this single mom.


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