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Heather Smith


Heather Smith, RN

3Shaw Observation Unit

UPMC McKeesport

McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Please describe a situation involving the nurse you are nominating that clearly demonstrates he/she meets the criteria for The DAISY Award Please accept this Daisy Award Nomination for Heather Smith nurse on 3 Shaw. I recently spent 2 nights in the hospital and was very anxious as I was told I was getting admitted to the Observation Unit on the 3rd floor to do further testing. Heather helped to alleviate my fears as she offered me reassurance and information during the time I was in her care. As a young nurse, I was impressed with Heathers professionalism and knowledge. Upon my initial assessment she helped to clarify a discrepancy in my medication preventing a medication error from occurring. She was pleasant and outgoing and kept me updated on all the procedures and results in a caring manner. She did not rush with my care. She shared a little about herself which added the high touch to the high tech and I was not surprised to hear her comment that it was an honor to work for UPMC. DAISY Award honorees personify UPMCs remarkable patient experience. Heather consistently demonstrated excellence through her clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care, and should be honored with the recognition of the Daisy Award! ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ UPMC Presbyterian About The DAISY Foundation The DAISY Foundation was established in 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died of complications of the auto-immune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) at the age of 33. (DAISY is an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system.) During Pats eight week hospitalization, his family was awestruck by the care and compassion his nurses provided, not only to Pat, but to everyone in his family. So one of the goals they set in creating a Foundation in Pats memory, was to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere who make an enormous difference in the lives of so many people by the super-human work they do every day. What Is The DAISY Award? The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. UPMC Presbyterian is proud to be a DAISY Award Hospital Partner, recognizing three of our nurses with this special honor every quarter. To find out more about the program, including the growing list of Hospital Partners, please go to www.DAISYfoundation.org. Each DAISY Award honoree will be recognized at a unit-based ceremony and will receive: a beautiful certificate, a DAISY Award pin, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healers Touch. Additionally, everyone in the unit will celebrate with cinnamon rolls a favorite of Patricks during his illness. The Barnes Family asks that whenever and wherever nurses smell that wonderful cinnamon aroma, they stop for a moment and think about how special they are. How To Nominate An Extraordinary Nurse Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians, and employees may nominate a deserving nurse by filling out this form and submitting it to the Unit Director. An electronic version for hospital employees is available in Public Folders, under the Professional Practice-PUH tab. NOMINATION FORM I would like to nominate _______Heather ________________________________ from the _______Observation Unit 338 Shaw__ unit/department as a deserving recipient of The DAISY Award. This nurses clinical skill and especially her/his compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse that our patients, their families, and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model. Thank you for taking the time to nominate an extraordinary nurse for this award. Please tell us about yourself, so that we may include you in the celebration of this award should the nurse you nominate be chosen as a DAISY Nurse. Your Name ___Tom Bazylak_____________ Unit _____________ Phone 412 678-1230_________ Email ____________________Pager_________________ I am (please check one): RN____ Patient __x__ Family/Visitor ____ MD ____ Staff ____ Volunteer ____ Date of nomination _12/15/2010_______________________________ Please submit this nomination form to the Unit Director. Questions may be directed to the Unit Director or your Professional Practice Council Representative. Please complete this form on the next page. DAISY Award honorees personify UPMC Presbyterians remarkable patient experience. These nurses consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care, and they are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community. The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses


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