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Jenna Mackey


Jenna Mackey, RN, BSN


Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton, Ohio

I was escorted into the emergency room of MVH South. I first met Jenna when she came into my room to draw my blood. While assembling her equipment, I told her I was a hard stick and not to worry because I was used to it. Suddenly, little tears were seeping from my eyes. The tears were not because she was hurting me but rather in remembrance of my daughter I recently lost. Jenna began to console me while painlessly drawing my blood. This reminded me of the WWII movies I saw as a child, where nurses cared for the soldiers who shared stories about the families they left behind. I have never in all my hospital stays (which have been many) had a nurse so understanding and compassionate. She took the time to console me and talk me into a better state of mind. She remembered I was there because every time she passed by my room she peeked in to ask how I was doing. The tears always come unexpectedly and I wish I had a copy of the words she said to comfort me whenever it happens. This experience with Jenna has had a positive impact on me. Whenever I start feeling so sad, I think of Jenna and reflect on that moment. The traits she demonstrated to me originated from her parents and I applaud her good upbringing. Jenna is a fantastic nurse beyond what nursing school has taught her. This exceptional care should be recognized.


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