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Portia Tse


Portia Tse, MS, OCN, RN

Clinical Translational Research Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas

Portia is sensitive to the needs of the patient; she takes time in answering the patient's concerns and even going out to the waiting area to talk to the patient and the family for any reasons of delay in treatment or to answer their concerns. Most of the patients have long studies and due to the operation hours in the unit, the patient has to be treated early so the patient will not be transferred. Before the patient is scheduled she talks to the research nurse and works out the patients schedule as well as communicates to the lab that does the blood sampling and agrees to the time for that patient to get treated. She helps other outpatient units by taking some of their patients to decrease their workload and to decrease the waiting time of the patient. Portia is knowledgeable about the research protocol, and if she sees something in the order that is missing, she immediately contacts the research team, she reviews the chart and order set before the initiation of the treatment, and she made sure that everything that is needed and required for the study is being written in the order. She resolves any issues she encounters before she assigns the patient to a nurse that will take care of the patient.


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