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Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore, RN and Robert Rose, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer


Jamie Moore, RN

Emergency Care Center

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics

Tyler, Texas

Jamie has received six nominations since Trinity Mother Frances began the DAISY program! Nomination one: Jamie is one of the most compassionate nurses I work with in the ECC. She is very much a patient advocate. Also, I have been impressed with her clinical assessments and judgment. But what makes Jamie stand out from her peers, is her work to develop Code Maroon. Through a multidisciplinary project, Jamie's vision of a healthy work environment became a reality, with colleagues immediately knowing when a coworker has an excessive workload, and pitching in to help. Code Maroon improves patient safety while improving staff satisfaction since they know that help is only a Code Maroon away. Thank You Jamie. (GF, MD, coworker) Nomination two: Jamie is the type of nurse that consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. She treats all patients with kindness and compassion and always wears a smile. She is always calm in trying situations and is a true patient advocate. I first met her while I was an Emergency Medical Technician student and her patience and encouragement with me through that time encouraged me to continue my goal of becoming a physician. I am extremely proud to call her my teammate here at Trinity Mother Frances. (KG, coworker) Nomination three: When Jamie works as a charge nurse in the ECC, we the nurses never feel pushed beyond our capability. She dives in to help care for patients, completes orders and help increase patient throughout without creating undo anxiety. (BW, RN, coworker) Nomination four: Jamie is always willing to go the extra mile to help everyone out at work on her own time. She is a great nurse and a great leader. (MS, RN, coworker) Nomination five: Jamie has 10 years of dedicated caring in the ECC. Burn out is fast, so this shows her level of commitment to not just patients but to the community. In the ECC our patient population is our community and Jamie cares for all everyday when they walk in the door, doing everything she can to expedite their care so they can quickly be on their way back to health. (A, RN, coworker) Nomination six: I was working in the Trinity Mother Frances ECC one day and I have to let you know our nurses rocked on an incredibly difficult day. The amount of teamwork that went on that day was tremendous. I was working as flow coordinator; caring for patients in the waiting room, beginning to implement protocols and guidelines, and doing whatever I could to get care started promptly and move the patients into a room as quickly as possible. This can be a difficult job with little thanks from nurses or doctors, but my job was made incredibly easy with the help of all the staff that day. Everyone buckled down and did what needed to be done with no complaint. I am not even sure I have the words to thank them, but I wanted to let you know it was inspiring to see and I was very proud of my Trinity Mother Frances family and honored to work with such wonderful nurses. Nurses like them inspire me every day. I just thought someone should know because so many times it goes unnoticed. If it were possible, I would nominate them all for DAISY Awards for the excellent work and patient care that was demonstrated. A very huge thanks to Jamie for her assistance that day. (KC, RN, coworker)


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