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Bridgett Garrison

Sarah Fields,CNO and Bridgett Garrison


Bridgett Garrison, RN, BSN

Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit

North Kansas City Hospital

North Kansas City, Missouri

From Bridgett Garrison's patient who sent her flowers after his discharge home from CCDU and subsequently nominated her for the DAISY Award: I am not exactly certain what the DAISY Award is; however if it is an honor for a person that goes out of their way to calm and assist others and is given in recognition of excellent work and service, then I wholeheartedly nominate Nurse Bridgett Garrison to become a recipient of that award. I met Ms. Garrison shortly after being admitted and during her shifts, Bridgett gave me a quality of care, compassion and understanding that allowed me to relax. Normally, I would not respond to a younger person telling me what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and that I needed to do as she instructed without questioning her Ms. Garrison put me at ease almost immediately; was professional, confident and put an old man in his place a few times with compassion, understanding and I believe it was genuine caring emotion. This young lady took the fear from an older man and made me want to get better so that I did not disappoint her. There was never any question in my mind who was in charge and her exuding confidence and explanations of why things were taking place in the order they were, was necessary. She was honest with me in all aspects of her care and I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to be in her charge. North Kansas City Hospital is very lucky to have persons working for their facility of the quality of Ms. Garrison. Frankly, several nurses at the facility were outstanding, but Ms. Garrison stood out and above the remainder of the crowd. She cares about her work and it is demonstrated in every aspect of her duties. She does not merely perform them, she enjoys doing them and makes the person she deals with feel wanted, needed and worthy. She truly puts love and compassion into her job and deserves to be recognized for doing so.


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