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Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Grant Guidelines (up to $2,000)

Evidence-based Practice (EBP) grants will be awarded to stimulate the use of patient-focused data and/or previously generated research findings to develop, implement and evaluate changes in nursing practice in treatment of patients with cancer and auto-immune diseases. We encourage nurses who have research/EBP experience as well as those who do not to apply.

Funds for Evidence-Based Practice projects may be awarded for new projects, projects in progress, and projects required for an academic degree as long as all other project criteria are met.

Eligible projects may include research utilization projects, continuous quality improvement projects, performance improvement initiatives, or outcomes evaluation projects.

Interdisciplinary and collaborative projects are encouraged and may involve interdisciplinary teams, multiple nursing units, home health, sub-acute and transitional care, other institutions or community agencies. The team must be nurse-led.

We will not fund tool development as part of EBP projects.

You will be asked which EBP process model your study will follow. Which one is your choice, but please assure us that a systematic and disciplined process will be in place to structure your work.

As mentioned above, in all cases including DNP projects, your application must demonstrate how clinical nurses will play an integral role in project work.

The Project Leader/Team Leader must be a nurse who is currently employed or formally affiliated with a clinical setting with direct patient care involvement.

A Project Mentor is strongly recommended for each grant application. We encourage Applicants to find a Mentor in your own institution, nearby school of nursing, or community. If you desire a Mentor and are unable to find one, The DAISY Foundation will provide time-limited mentor support.

Mentors will provide the following benefits which will be especially helpful for less experienced Applicants:

  • Help potential DAISY Grant Applicants become familiar with resources and problem-solve grant issues or concerns
  • Advise and refer Applicants to appropriate internal and external resources
  • Establish availability by phone or email to Applicants
  • Review grant application and provide feedback/guidance as needed

Your Mentor should be an established Advanced Practice Nurse who provides support in the development and submission of an evidence-based practice grant. Mentors will assist Applicants in the development of the grant application, serving as a coach and advisor to the Mentee throughout the project.

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