Adriane Freeman

Adriane Freeman, BSN, RN

Intermediate Intensive Care Unit
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

When I was sent to the sixth floor, I had been through a frightening episode of choking, but Adriane's calming attitude reassured me that I was in safe hands. I was not allowed to eat or drink anything, but Adriane made sure I had some cold water and a sponge for my lips. You can only imagine how comforting that was for me. My nurse certainly took care of me, but then I heard from my family.

My family was greatly assisted. The information provided by Adriane helped to alleviate their fears; in particular, my daughter, a nurse in Connecticut, had all her questions answered, and believe me, she had many concerns. My family and I would like to thank Adriane for the high level of attentiveness I received while a patient at Lancaster General Hospital.