Aisha Harmon

Aisha Harmon, RN, MSN, CRNP-G

Nazareth Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

My son came into the ER at Nazareth Hospital experiencing severe stomach pain. Aisha was his attending nurse. My son is a minor and I was very concerned. Aisha was extremly professional and empathetic toward my son. He ended up being admitted for acute appendicitis. A bed was not available and he ended up staying the entire night in the ER. She made sure he got a real bed and I felt completely comfortable leaving him for a few hours in her care to get some sleep before his surgery in the morning. I told her that she is the epitome of a good nurse. Her response humbled me to write a letter. She said "he is my patient and that is what we do". She was very attentive to our needs from start to finish, and I thank her!!!