Alycia Hawkins

Alycia Hawkins, BSN, RN

Emergency Department
UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

Alycia Hawkins has worked as an RN for UTSW for almost 3 years. She began in the ER and is currently working in the ER. I started working as an RN on the 7th floor. Each day we would ride to work together Alycia would tell me of her exciting experiences in the ER and the skills she got to perform. She talked about her wonderful co-workers and her awesome management team. I enjoyed hearing her patient experiences and how they were so different than my own. After seeing the rewarding experiences and the knowledge she was gaining, I myself wanted to look into working in the ER. I applied and interviewed and now work in the ER. Getting to work with family makes the job that much more enjoyable. Getting to work with your twin sister is an even more unique experience.
Now working in the ER I see her determination, dedication to great healthcare, patient care and her compassion first hand. She is first to assist those with an ambulance. She stays calm and collected during codes and stressful situations. She treats the patients as family and leaves each day with a longer list of friends. I believe her service with a smile and compassionate care is what qualifies her for the DAISY Award. I understand I am biased but I know her co-workers would agree, she is an excellent nurse and her knowledge and skill level is beyond her 3 years of nursing experience.
Not only has she been committed to working in the ER she has carried the UTSW name while on a mission trip to Haiti where we worked as nurses in a cholera clinic. We traveled to Haiti and stayed for 2 weeks providing care in very extreme conditions. This was her 4th time out of the country providing health care to those in need previously in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. We served very ill patients and I saw firsthand her skill in action. In one particular instance in Haiti Alycia stepped up to lead a code situation where there were no doctors around nor medical equipment, just 3 nurses and her ER experience. She helped to revive the patient and prolong his life long enough to inform family. She is a hero and she would not admit it.