Amelita David

Amelita David

Amelita David, RN

Med/Surg 4500
Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, California
United States

Some comments from patients Amelita cared for:

1) Amelita is a good, efficient nurse. I've experienced first-hand her ability to calm down anxious times by her thoughtful and excellent care.

2) She is a Super HERO, with a HUGE HEART and wonderful CARING nature. She took such an amazing care of my mother, with a GREAT sense of HUMOR when she needed that.

3) Amelita goes beyond the scope of her duties in every aspect of nursing. Very caring, loving and thoughtful. Hats off to her!

4) She is one who presents with great communication skills, not only with patients, but with their family members. She addressed all the questions we had. Amelita also exhibits GREAT PRIDE in her work. She does not do it only to make a living, but she HONORS it by making BETTER the life of others.

5) Amelita will tell stories that could make you LAUGH and forget where you were for a short period of time. Her nursing ability and care was excellent, always making sure I was comfortable and pain free. Positive ATTITUDE.

6) Amelita always provides excellent care to her patients. Even in the dire circumstances Amelita manages to show compassion to the family members and provide hope. Her PROFESSIONALISM and PRIDE in her work truly SHINES through daily.