Amy Biedron

Amy Biedron

Amy Biedron, RN

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

This heroic act started as a small idea to collect supplies this past November 28 2012. Amy Biedron, a NICU nurse was trying to figure out a way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, as she felt compelled to help out. As a member of ZAMILY, the Zac Brown Fan Club, she thought she could use this avenue to assist her as members of ZAMILY are spread all over the US. It started by talking with three members, one of whom is a paramedic/firefighter for over 20 years and had some connections with friends of fire fighters.

The excitement started rolling and with the help of social media the plan was a now in full swing. Amy, using her resources, called a past NICU parent, as Amy is a NICU nurse who creates lasting relationships with her families. This family she contacted owns a trucking business, and she was looking for advice on logistics. This family, also part of ZAMILY, said to Amy- you are the catalyst- you are setting the tone- the possibilities are BIG. Originally Amy was going to use a U-Haul to bring what she found out from the firefighters were goods, to Breezy Point New York. In fact by now she had a list of items that were needed from them.

The ideas grew as social media and ZAMILY starting jumping in. 9 Stops were planned along the way to New York. The NICU family decided to offer a 53 foot semi-truck for transportation a week and a half before planned take off. Could it be filled? Well, it was and then some. One of the ZAMILY members also got on board with all of this excitement; he owned a hardware store in Atlanta and offered at cost the items on the list and payment through pay pal for those to shop on line. The truck stopped by and loaded up!

The heroic journey started in Lombard Illinois and with 9 stops along the way and ended up in Breezy Point, New York- Site of Hurricane Sandy. The stops included: starting in Lombard, Indiana; OH, TN, Al, AK, NC, VA, NJ, and Brooklyn NY before arriving in Breezy Point on Dec 5.

Amy's 10 days travel to the many stops along the way to pick up supplies that were needed for the Hurricane Sandy victims, was her answer to "What can I do to help?". Amy left on Nov 28 and returned home on Dec 9. She works full time as a staff nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. She was able to work with her co-workers to cover her days off- this was something unplanned!

Amy inspired others. Many were drawn to the social media page to see the impact they were also able to have as they donated back here at home and the supplies were taken by Amy to the end of the road-Breezy Point, New York. The time that Amy spent was inspiring and well talked about all around. Upon Amy's return she was able to share stories and pictures. Truly moving.