Andreya Carman

Andreya Carman

Andreya Carman, BSN, RN

General Medicine and Geriatrics Unit
UW Health
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

Andreya has been my nurse a couple times on F6/5. In fact I always try to make it so. Not only does Andreya do her nursing duties with graceful perfection, but she also reminds me of my humanity. She listens when needed. She takes the time to know and understand those around her. She also goes the extra mile to enrich their lives during their stay, which typically carries on afterwards.

Caring for me as a patient involves honesty and tough love. I am stubborn and get stuck in my ways. Andreya has the patience to talk through all my walls until they naturally come down. Not only do I leave here physically better, but I also feel like I've gained something mentally.

I watched Andreya teach a new nurse in school today. It was beautiful. They both have the passion for nursing. Andreya shows her love for it in everything she does. I hope to fill my life with more people like Andreya.


Andreya displays very exceptional patient and nursing care. I feel like a person and not a number. She makes sure I am comfortable and well set during her hours while she is here, and makes note when she is leaving and introduces me to the one who will take her place. I am very much pleased with all my care I received at your hospital from her and others. She has a DAISY Award in my and my family's hearts.