Angela Boschi

Angela Boschi

Angela Boschi, RN

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
Glendale, Arizona
United States
The work and dedication Angela puts into her patients and career are unseen let alone unheard of, especially in this profession.

First, I would like to state clearly I am not the most "easy" patient. Angela took not only the time to hear my needs but also went the extra mile to make sure I was always comfortable. Miss Angela had a very open ear and always was on top of med delivery, always with a smile no matter how benign the request or how painfully and sometimes borderline rude—due to pain and frustration I had—I requested items or meds. I'm a patient with high anxiety and Angela went beyond the call of duty. I was in tears of pain and Angela would not stop her duties even though I made it hard for her to stay and do her job. Angela would even go as far as wait till I slept to allow for med delivery knowing in the week I'd been in the hospital I had slept a total of 20 hours. She would give detailed instructions to the nurses taking over her shift on details of the easiest, best and smartest way to tend to my needs.

Angela never wavered in tending to me, always made me feel safe and assured me everything was going to be ok and I was going to see my babies which always kept me calm. She, as a nurse and generally good-hearted person, does not only deserve the DAISY Award but if she does not get it I will be speaking to anyone that will hear the endless great things I have to say about her. I have gone through a dozen nurses in the week and none compare to her. The work and dedication Angela puts into her patients and career are unseen let alone unheard of, especially in this profession where many people can't handle or even outlast the first six months of work. She is a young and very determined woman in this very rigorous and all around hard work and never gives in regardless of how much there is to accomplish she never waivers. I hope whoever reads this and takes her into consideration can take the time to not only see what a great nurse she is but also what a great and caring person she is. The way I was appreciated and treated as her patient makes me want to share even a little bit of the kindness she showed me to everyone that crosses my path. Angela makes you find joy when there truly isn't any to be found in a hospital under the circumstances. I wish Angela is awarded the DAISY Award not only because she deserves it but because she needs to be shown that she is a valuable asset to this hospital.

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