Angela Cooper

Angela Cooper, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

VANAP-GE AGNP Training & Residency Program
Washington DC VA Medical Center
Washington, District Of Columbia
United States

Ms. Cooper has served the veterans and built the academic affiliation with the Catholic University of America to develop and implement a Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Residency and Training Program. The program is funded by the VA Office of Academic Affiliations and is a unique initiative to increase the number of qualified NPs working in the VA who can serve our aging populations with increasingly complex health care needs.

The program offers up to 6 graduates an additional 1 year of learning and time to enhance clinical skills for 1 year adding to the clinical hours they complete during their education. The program also offers up to 12 students a year clinical rotations within the VA during their NP academic program. Faculty from the university and the VA work together with the residents and students to develop and implement evidence-based projects and nursing research to enhance patient outcomes through VA Nursing.