Ann Marie Aluia

Ann Marie Aluia, RN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

Ann Marie was the driving force in SICU to adopt a Christmas Family this year. She brought the idea to her manager and made it happen. Their Christmas Family was a previous long term patient on the SICU unit. Ann Marie helped the patient/family recover from his critical illness and then watched the patient transfer to an LTAC facility for further rehabilitation.

Ann Marie helped raise about $700 in donations for the family’s three sons. Then she set out on a weekend and bought the gifts for the boys. Next she wrapped all of the packages and was present when the whole family gathered on the unit 12-21-10 for the gift giving. The family was very touched and very appreciative for all the gifts. We even got to see “our patient” walk into the unit to enjoy the experience with his sons.

What a rewarding experience for all of us involved. SICU is very lucky to have such a giving, caring staff member as Ann Marie. She is “DAISY” worthy.