Ashley Edling

Ashley Edling

Ashley Edling, RN

Surgical Care Unit
Princeton HealthCare System
Plainsboro, New Jersey
United States

I came to the 6th floor after surgery with minor complications. When I awoke my first morning here, I was greeted by Ashley by a nice “good morning”, can I make you comfortable”. That was a great way to start my stay. She was very attentive to my needs, as a nurse should be, but made sure to wear a smile and be understanding. My children came to visit, of which my youngest is autistic, and she made sure they all felt that mommy was in good care. I had mentioned that we had a cat and she was willing to share her cat pictures with my kids. They all left (my kids, I mean) feeling they just made a new friend. That is a big deal in our home! My autistic son asked if she was my best friend because she took good care of me.

As I walked around the floor to do my exercise, I saw this nomination form and quickly thought of her – Ashley. Job Well Done!!

She also shared this attitude with the neighbor in my room---so it is something that comes from inside her!