Audrey Franczesca Belmonte

Frankie Belmonte

Audrey Franczesca Belmonte, RN

Emergency Department
Swedish Edmonds
Edmonds, Washington
United States

I went to the ER in Edmonds with acid reflux.  Frankie was my nurse.  I was very anxious and in a lot of pain.  Frankie got my IV going, all the while talking and being very compassionate.  She was very efficient and meeting all my needs, taking the time to listen and put me at ease.  She made sure I got warm blankets and came back quite a few times.

She made my experience the best I have ever received!  I have never experienced anyone like her.  She is truly in the field she was meant to be in.  I found out she had been in the military for 14 years, my son-in-law is in the army.  It’s wonderful to see the other side of her humanity.  Thank you, Frankie, for not only your compassion but for being the wonderful person you are.