Avista Outpatient Infusion Center Team at Avista Adventist Hospital

Avista Outpatient Infusion Center Team

Avista Outpatient Infusion Center Team at Avista Adventist Hospital, RNs and More

Avista Outpatient Infusion Unit
Avista Adventist Hospital
Louisville, Colorado
United States

Due to a post-surgical infection of my lower back, I needed an 8-week course of antibiotics.  My surgeries were done at another hospital but Avista had an infusion unit so I chose to have my infusions there instead of at home.  I left there with a new PICC line and uncertain about the IV antibiotics, the procedures and who would be doing what with me.

I am so glad I made the choice to come to Avista!

Maggie and Traci have been treating me every morning of the week for the antibiotics, vitals, dressing changes and blood tests.  The weekends were covered by Ashley, Anne, and Kelly.  Each and everyone treating me is wonderful. Especially, Maggie and Traci, who eased my concerns and talked me through the variable results of the blood tests. They both are compassionate, conversational, competent in their infusion knowledge, and care in dealing with infection.


I remember one of the first times I met Traci. I previously had a bad experience with my IV so I wasn’t very excited to have a new nurse.  Traci was able to calm me and show me that she was capable of not making a mess while inserting my IV.  After that, she made sure to check in with me regularly to ensure that my infusion experience was better than my previous one. I truly appreciate Traci for all that she does.

Where to begin? Maggie is one of the best nurses that I have ever had, hands down. Maggie has a wonderful personality and she is very skilled when it comes to nursing and patient care. I remember having a rough day and just dragged myself into the Infusion Center.  Maggie greeted me and we started talking about the difficulties I had in the last month. We talked about my infusion days being like spa days to just relax kick back to forget all about the issues in my life.  I love that perspective.  I truly appreciate Maggie and everything she does! She is incredible.


The Infusion Department team rocks!  Upon arrival for chemotherapy, it’s game on for these nurses.  Avista’s mission statement points regarding compassion, respect, integrity, spirituality, stewardship, imagination and excellence describe them to a “T”.  There is no “I” in this team.  Look no further than the DAISY Award to describe the team of the infusion unit.  Thanks to Avista for hiring the best of the best. When you’re down they cheer you up.  They all have a special talent for making you feel better when you are at your lowest.


Wow, what a team! I love Wednesdays because I get to spend time during my chemo with these infusion nurses.  My husband and I feel like they are our own family. So ready to explain everything to us. They are fun loving, compassionate, and concerned.  They are truly a great team and work together to keep me their top concern, relaxed and happy.


My wife spent 18 weeks in the Infusion Center during the last six months.  She had 9 weeks of Chemo treatment prior to her April Surgery, then 9 weeks post-surgery treatment.  During these 18 weeks the infusion nurses have shown their compassion and respect, not only for my wife, but for a wide number of patients.  I have seen excellence in service, and caring interaction with both patients and family members.  The care and love has gone far beyond my wife.  They have used their imagination and knowledge to find ways to show me I am welcome along with my wife.  Maggie’s infectious laugh has changed many a dreary day at the infusion center into a memorable experience in the infusion center.  These professional ladies operate as an absolute team.  They help each other to make the patient experience seamless. They seem to have a spiritual commitment not only to ‘The Team’ but also the Infusion Center and the mission that they are engaged with. It is obvious to see that they enjoy serving those who depend upon their service.  They have displayed integrity by ensuring the “integrity” of the system is adhered to each and every day and each and every minute.  At no time have I seen an instance where they “let their integrity to the system” falter. They use humor to ease the repetitive question of “give me your name and date of birth”. But at no time have they allowed the integrity of the system to be compromised because they know who my wife is. They take their responsibilities of “stewardship” for the hospital assets very seriously.  They don’t make the patient feel they are being denied anything they request, but I have honestly not seen these ladies be wasteful in any regard. This team has shown humor, honor, dedication, commitment and love to whole lot of people.  They definitely reflect excellence in service on behalf of Avista Adventist Hospital.


About two years ago I started IVIG infusions at Avista Adventist Hospital Infusion Center to treat my newly diagnosed CVID (the infusions also help alleviate some of my autoimmune pain, which has been amazing). The IVIG, as amazing and life changing as it is/has been, essentially makes you feel like you have the flu for 2 days following.  So, it’s a daunting deal to drag yourself to the hospital for 3-5 hours to give yourself the flu every three weeks.

These two, though, have the ability to make even the most sucky (or in my case moderately sucky) moments so much more bearable.  They hit my stubborn jerk face veins every time.  They take the time to know and truly understand my complicated, and ever-changing, health history.  They humor me and my mostly bad jokes and my incessant and always failed attempts to hurry things up already.  They have adopted three pittie mix dogs between the two of them (they were both dogless when we met) and were some of the first attendees at our launch party fundraiser.

Maggie and Traci made 10 ginormous batches of homemade Chex Mix to thank all of their coworkers, which makes them very awesome. What makes them the most awesome though, is that they have started a Chemo Patient Birthday Program, where they bring a birthday package to every one of their chemo patients during their birthday week.  They also have a celebration for every patient when they graduate chemo. They have long covered the costs themselves and are now starting to fundraise to grow the program.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Maggie Bremer RN, BSN

Traci Davis RN, BSN

Kelly Walsh RN, BSN

Crystal Cordova LPN

Andrea Guthrie RN, BSN

Allison Prester RN, BSN

Katherine Cordes RN, ADN

Karen Illes-Pringle RN, ADN

Jane Harris RN, BSN