Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis, RN, CEN

Emergency Department
Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
United States

...Throughout the past year, Barb has been an excellent example of what a nurse stands for and what a nurse represents. She is truly an advocate in the care of individuals and and her coworkers. There are so many examples of the incredible and memorable work that she has done that not only inspire me to be a better nurse and person, but truly make the patients happy and puts a smile on their face. She demonstrates respect and empathy effortlessly every day with everyone.

This year has been tough for many of the staff members in the ED with staff illnesses and co-workers' family members' deaths that had all of us pull together and work as a team and we do that so well. Barb took it a step further and called many of those staff members every week or two to offer to sit with them at home, or drive them to the store or just listen to them as they cried. She would offer to fix their car, or give them a ride, watch their children, or go and shop for them.

In January, our ED was exceptionally busy. Barb was in triage when our local EMS brought in a homeless man who had been found in a bus. The person was placed in a chair and Barb went to him immediately after quickly completing triage on her current patient. She escorted the man to a room, spoke with him, ordered him a food tray, and fed him. I mean she spoon fed him, cutting up every piece of the chicken so he could swallow more easily. She then washed him from head to toe. She inquired around the hospital and had fresh clothing brought to the ED, a hospital bed was brought to the ED, and warm blankets wrapped around him. She is amazing. Before going home I was walking by this man's room and saw tears in his eyes. I would bet it was for pure thanks that someone took the time to care. That is Barb Davis, RN. She loves, and smiles. She is an Einstein DAISY. She is a role model. She gives her all. She is respected by peers, and shows respect to all.

Her dedication and caring is shown everyday she shows up ready to work, and most of the time is the leader of our group. She shows love and kindness to co-workers, patients, and families. She is always one to keep up the morale. After 30 years, she works as passionately and tirelessly as on day 1. As a colleague said, "when I grow up I want to be like Barb Davis, RN."

A physician team member added to the nomination with the following: "Barb is identified by attending physicians, nursing leaders, and her own peers as an exceptional nurse. Barb is smart, knowledgeable, has excellent clinical skills, is always kind, has a great sense of humor, and is adored by her patients and colleagues alike. She is a nurse who patients remember and will ask about when they return to our unit."