Becky Burzynski

Becky Burzynski

Becky Burzynski, RN

Aurora Sinai Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Becky knew to tell me to seek help. And amidst my reluctance, she knew to INSIST that I seek immediate help.

I want to recognize Becky Burzynski RN for the care, support, love, and concern that she provided to me during my complicated C-section delivery at Aurora Sinai Medical Center.   Becky was instrumental in helping me get the care I needed the day I delivered.  I believe I would have had a very different and grave outcome from the delivery if Becky had not intervened when she did and insisted that I be immediately assessed in OB Triage.   

The morning I delivered I had been at work, on the floor, with a full patient load.   I had felt "sick" and was having unusual symptoms.  I had tried to push through it, but then contemplated going home ill and had asked Becky to call the "on-call" nurse into work due to my request to leave that morning.   Becky knew that my previous and current pregnancies were both complicated, and she told me that my symptoms were worrisome enough to justify an exam in OB Triage.  She encouraged me to walk immediately over to OB Triage, and I reluctantly agreed.   I was trying not to make a big deal out of my symptoms.  I had never made it that far along in pregnancy before, being 33 weeks at the time.   My first delivery happened at 29 weeks.   So to me, I felt I was just having normal "labor pains."  It turns out, I was having pains from a placental abruption which is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation where the placenta becomes detached from the uterine wall.  I was at risk of bleeding out.  My baby was at risk of demise from lack of blood flow from the placenta.  

Becky knew to tell me to seek help.  And amidst my reluctance, she knew to INSIST that I seek immediate help.  She also helped care for the patients that I had been caring for on the floor, when I had to leave the floor so unexpectedly.  

The day after I delivered my baby, Becky brought me a vase of flowers from home to brighten up my room.  She hugged me and told me she loved me.  I will always remember her kindness.   After all is said and done, I believe Becky is a true DAISY Nurse. She was my "guardian angel" to help my family achieve a positive outcome from my emergency C-section.  She made sure I was safe before letting me leave the hospital that day.  She is a true example of someone who demonstrates the Aurora Service Commitment Values.  I would say that her behavior definitely improved my patient experience.  My husband, my 5-year-old son, and I have our baby in our lives, in part, thanks to Becky.  I will always be grateful for her as my coworker and as my friend.