Becky Cook
June 2019
Bayfront Health Brooksville
United States




During the past 2 months, I have been admitted 3 times that I can remember, to the hospital due to chest pain. I am writing this to recommend Becky Cook, RN who treated me with compassion, providing exemplary service. I am hard of hearing, and Becky took the time to ensure, constantly repeating for me, information related to my care, medications, physicians, and much more. She always responded to my call light and showed a sincere interest in me as a person.
Becky kept me updated as she consistently contacted the cardiologist regarding my care. My IV site was hurting, she got the new site in 1 attempt and reinserted with no pain at the new site. She provided education not only to me but also to my daughter. She is thorough, has great clinical skills, and exemplifies the qualities such as caring, professional, clinically strong, and works well with the PCU team, that all RN's need to possess. She always went above and beyond.