Beth Franklin

Beth Franklin

Beth Franklin, RN

4W - surgical
Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties
Orangeburg, South Carolina
United States

It is with great honor that I nominate my friend, Beth Franklin, RN, on 4 West for the DAISY Award.

On 7/26/2011 I called her from home hoping she was at work. Thank goodness she was. She told me that she was very busy and in charge. My request of her was a personal favor. My sister-in-law’s daddy had bowel surgery on 7/23/11. He was in ICU awaiting transfer out, when he suddenly went into CHF, and was having difficulty breathing. Things seemed very drastic. My sister-in-law was at work in Summerville; her mom had just left because visiting hours were over. She called me frantic. I was 30 minutes away. I called Beth to see if she could help. I asked if she would call my sister-in-law from her cell phone, put it to the patient’s ear, so she could tell him “goodnight, I love you”, and just hear his voice. Despite being busy, and in charge, within 15 minutes, Beth carried out my request and was able to ease our minds.

My sister-in-law was speechless and moved by Beth’s kind act. I am proud that my friend, Beth, is evolving into a nurse that understands the true meaning of the call.