Breanna Daniels

Breanna Daniels, RN, BSN

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Regional Medical Center
Sioux CIty, Iowa
United States

Love, love, love Breanna!! My daughter had her appendix out, we stayed in the hospital 5 nights and Breanna took care of us every night. Breanna is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. A pure and simple AWESOME nurse! Breanna admitted us and made us feel comfortable. Breanna helped to manage my daughter's pain and answered my questions. Breanna was always asking if we needed anything or if she could do anything for us. Breanna is very thorough in her assessments, always took an apical pulse when other nurses relied on the machine to get the heart rate. Listened to lung sounds and bowel sounds, checked her tummy and incision with each assessment. My daughter had a huge accident on the floor and Breanna did not even wince when she came in to clean it up. Breanna explained everything she was doing to my daughter and me. We had a roller coaster ride with my daughter's recovery and Breanna helped me understand and helped me get through the hospital stay. Breanna knew just what to do to make (my daughter) and me comfortable, emotionally and physically. I would need to get out a thesaurus to list all the wonderful qualities Breanna possesses as a nurse and a person.