Bridget Doyle-Olson

Bridget Doyle-Olson

Bridget Doyle-Olson, RN, BSN, CLC

Maternal Child Health
Kaiser Permanente Ontario Medical Center
Ontario, California
United States
Bridget went above and beyond for grieving parents.

Bridget is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Registered Nurse. Her passion for helping mothers breastfeed is appreciated on our busy Maternal Child Health (MCH) Units.  Many patients have written letters of appreciation describing Bridget as knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful.  She is a great resource in the unit and very willing to go the extra mile.

One day, the MCH units were very busy. Unfortunately, we had a mother who suffered the loss of her infant. After the baby was taken for mortuary pick up, the family requested to hold the baby one more time. The baby was returned to the unit from the morgue. Bridget was asked to assist with bathing the baby so she could be presentable for the mother to hold.  Bridget went the extra mile to bath and prepare the baby for the mother.

It is not expected of a lactation nurse to help assist with post-mortem care of an infant, this exceptional call of duty of Bridget demonstrates that she is here for the team and the welfare of the mothers on MCH. Bridget was a team player and showed that she isn’t only a lactation nurse, but she is a compassionate nurse that cares about mothers on her units.

Bridget deserves the DAISY Award to say thank you and recognize her for going above and beyond for grieving parents.