Brittany Barnett

Brittany Barnett

Brittany Barnett, RN

Complex Med/Surg Unit, 7 West
Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Brittany Barnett showed teamwork in an off-unit experience.  She volunteers at times to speak to our new residents.  She and a group of residents welcomed the brand-new staff.  They shared their experiences, their fears and how they overcame them and their joy in nursing and the care they provide. 

Brittany is so positive and thoughtful.  When rounding with her on 7 West, she always is in a good mood and speaks highly of her team.  When spending time in class with Brittany, she is engaged, respectful, and shares her experiences.  I can tell she has a passion for nursing and shows a great respect for the field and her colleagues.

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