Cathleen Danielson

Cathleen Danielson

Cathleen Danielson, RN

Outpatient Surgery
Essentia Health - East
Duluth, Minnesota
United States

Cathy Danielson was driving and witnessed a 32-year-old male having chest pain and syncope. She pulled over and helped to wake him, comfort him, and call 911. She called the wife and updated her on his condition and reassured her that he was being cared for and that an ambulance was on the way. She helped direct them to the hospital for care.

Cathy proved quality care for the man on the side of the road with minimal resources available. She was respectful of the fact that he is a very loved family man and made it a priory to call and update his family. She worked well with him, the EMS and family to assure he received quality care. She is a nurse inside and out at the hospital and outside the hospital. Cathy is truly an extraordinary nurse.

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