Chandra Kuhl

Chandra Kuhl, RN

Wound Care
Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

“I feel Chandra is truly representative of all the above criteria. Her position is challenging because she is dealing with patients who are frustrated, uncomfortable because of pain levels, and dissatisfied with their slower than anticipated progress. She is quietly reassuring, polished in her approach; whether cutting bandages, measuring wound dimension, taking photos, or assisting the doctor with her requests and/or follow up. She moves quickly and quietly from examination room to examination room to insure continuity for both the PA and the good doctor. Whether your appointment is at 9 AM or the very last appointment of the day, she is truly interested in you and your progress since your last visit. Her communication with other wound associates is clear and concise. She is respectful of their time and heavy workloads. Chandra promotes a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in the department and offers her assistance, expertise, and infectious smile without reservation. She is an integral piece in creating and maintaining a pleasant, effective work environment.

I have repeatedly witnessed these qualities and skills that should be recognized by her peers and management personnel I have been a patient at the Wound Clinic for well over a year. I have never been disappointed by the level of care and commitment to my total recovery. Thank you, Chandra!

I am delighted and honored to make this recommendation. The DAISY award is an effective avenue to honor your many consummate professionals who excel at their life’s calling each and every day.