Charity Duncan

Charity Duncan

Charity Duncan, BSN

HonorHealth Scottsdale Medical Center
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States

Commitment to Excellence- I observed her inherently motivated, high standard of personal performance for herself and her co-workers. As an example, she would review what happened on second shift what was planned for me during the day and how she and her co-workers would implement the days plan.

Patient Centered Care- It was the first time I had to stay in the hospital as a patient. Nurse Charity was able to recognize and control my analytical nature that often leads to impatience by keeping me informed on what and when things would happen and what was expected of me. I found her good humor contagious making it next to impossible to have negative thoughts or to be depressed. She did this without being sugary or being overly happy.

Mission, Vision, and Values- She excels at the vision's "I CARE" portion of the statement. I know she genuinely cared about me getting better. She was respectful of my wife's concerncs and kept her informed. She also went out of her way to make my wife comfortable. "Unrelenting and vigorous" are great descriptors of Nurse Charity's excellent performance at work.

Collaboration with Team/Patient Needs- Nurse Charity used her in depth knowledge to ensure I would be well taken care of while outside of her area. She made the entire process seem like it was all about me.

Role Model for the Nursing Profession- I have a daughter that is a nurse early in her career. I see many of the characteristics in her that I observe in Nurse Charity. I hope that my daughter has the opportunity to benefit from a nurse role model half as outstanding as Nurse Charity.