Cheryl DeWitt

Cheryl DeWitt

Cheryl DeWitt, RN

Nursing Resource Team
Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan
United States

Cheryl DeWitt has been an asset with her motivation, positive energy, great teamwork, and “can do” attitude.  Cheryl maintains and exceeds every one of Beaumont Standards and is truly an exemplary employee.

Cheryl is recognized for her many attributes by her colleagues, leadership, patients and their families.  She is described as “a life saver”, “upbeat, friendly and quick to take care of patient’s needs”, “took such good care of me, she always stopped in to see how I was doing and always had a smile”, “a pleasant attitude and refreshing” “excellent care”, “her care and support got me through difficult times”.  The SOS’s and letters of recognition are endless and all accolades cannot do justice to describe how truly amazing Cheryl is.

Cheryl created/implemented an ADT float RN process, she floats to all surgical units to assist admissions, discharges, and transfers.  She expanded her assistance to IV starts, respond to codes and RRT calls to assist the RN with their assignment when a patient codes.  Her self-motivating, self-directed can-do attitude have allowed others to find relief and value in her assistance.