Cody Dykes

Cody Dykes

Cody Dykes, RN

Adult Cardiac ICU
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, Illinois
United States

OUTSTANDING does not even come close to describing Cody. He allowed me to build a bridge of trust that no other nurse did.

He came on shift early to be able to help my mom medically during a critical time after suffering a severe seizure.

Cody took the time to answer my questions and explain the big medical terminology the doctors used. He allowed me to vent my frustrations with the doctors when the doctors did not give me the answers I wanted - but then he explained why the answers were correct, justified and made sense.

Cody allowed me to challenge his skills, knowledge and human capacities without ever, not even once, wavering from his loyalty to the doctors and OSF professional staff. Cody was diligent in his attentions to her care, even during the embarrassing times, he remained dedicated, loyal and steadfast in providing professional medical care, courteous and respectful of his patient, her family and showed a pillar of support that allowed me the ability to place my mom's care in his trusting, qualified and highly capable hands.

He was constantly attending to my mom and her family’s needs. Her family needed his support, knowledge and skills just as much as my mom did and we feel blessed that Cody is a kind, compassionate and caring professional that deserves this award.

What an absolute blessing Cody is. I encourage you to find him worthy of this award. He is dedicated to patient care and his knowledge is vast.