Crystal Hastings

Crystal Hastings

Crystal Hastings, RN

Cardiac Tele Unit
Norton Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

I was transported into this hospital via EMS. I had already had two small heart attacks. This time, I was at home passed out in the living room/laundry room when I was found. All I remember was arriving at the hospital scared to death. So my first stop was in the ER. Everyone there was so very nice, compassionate, and did everything possible to help me and get my anxiety and nerves down.

Then I was assigned to the 5th floor. I have officially been here three days. One evening Crystal Hastings came into my room, introduced herself as my nurse. Instantly after knowing her all of five minutes, I mentioned how I was just diagnosed a diabetic. This really scared me. Crystal was so passionate, kind, considerate, caring, and gave me tons of notes, sites, and information to help me. Crystal didn't have to, however, in between her other patients she checked on me and has continually shown care each and every evening.

What I am trying to say is Crystal really helped me to not have a complete melt down. I realize she is a nurse and this is her job, however, I truly believe she has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is so personable when she talks. She explains things in a way that you can understand.