Dana Avant

Dana Avant, EMSN RN

Neuro Ortho Oncology AD
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

I am a patient on 10 East and I am being discharged tomorrow and ask to nominate Dana Avant for the DAISY Award. I have a very painful condition. I had a splenectomy when I was a child due to TTP or a type of malignancy. Due to the splenectomy I am susceptible to infection. I was admitted through the ED for cellulitis. I am on multiple antibiotics and getting better.
Last Friday I asked my MD for pain med. I had a primary RN who was wonderful and Ruth Tutor was a leader who rounded on me –the primary RN and Ruth went out of their way from 10 am to 4pm to call MDs for me, go up the chain of command, and do everything in their power to assist me in getting comfort and my pain managed and under control. They were told “no” to my receiving any pain medication for my extensive pain and cellulitis. While she continued to call the MD, Ruth went up the chain of command to assist me and support my nurse. Ruth also did support sessions and distraction and relaxation to try to assist me—and listened during 3 visits that day. After reaching the Patient Advocate, the CMO and CNO were not available, Ruth and Sherrye Hill contacted Dana Avant, AD to assist me.
Dana Avant AD went out of her way to drop what she was doing and listened to my issues and made suggestions for my care. The primary RN reached another MD and I did receive pain management which helped tremendously. But I want the committee to know that I felt like I had someone there who listened, who took my side, who advocated for me. I know--- I am a Nurse and we give the DAISY Award at my hospital also—I know what our job is and these 2 RNs went above and beyond to be persistent, patient, and caring to support me in my distress. I am nominating Dana Avant as she is very deserving of the DAISY Award.