Dawn Dollarhide

Dawn Dollarhide

Dawn Dollarhide, RN

Primary Care
VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
Reno, Nevada
United States

I would like to bring attention to our Dawn Dollarhide. She is so involved with her patients and with the program I administer, the My HealtheVet program. Dawn handles 2-3 clinics MHU secure messages and is the first (and only) RN to step up and offer to cover for the other PACTS whose RN may be out sick or on leave. There is never an opportunity to have to ask her to help. She always offers knowing how important it is to respond to our Veterans via secure messaging in a timely manner. I have Veterans who inquire, “who is Dawn? Did I get a new RN? Some lady named Dawn responded to my question secure messaging within 30 minutes, no one does that!”

I tell Veterans all the time that our RN’s are the mother hens of our PACTS with all their chicks (Doc’s and MSA’s) running around looking for direction. Ok, it’s not that bad, but they do facilitate action for our PACTS and keep the teams moving forward. Dawn is that and more as she makes our Veterans feel like they are the most important person in the hospital when she is dealing with them. Whenever she gets an award (which she deserves) or not—take the time to say thank you for being you!

You are a champion in my eyes and in the eyes of many Veterans!

Note: This is Dawn's 2nd DAISY Award!