Dawn Leon

Dawn Leon, RN

Genesis Medical Center
Davenport, Iowa
United States

I was in "silent" labor with my second child. I am a nurse but was still scared and out of my element. Dawn Leon was so wonderful explaining everything to me and helping me advocate for my labor. She made it fun, memorable, and less scary. She and the doctor were wonderful!

I had forgotten my song to play to help relax and the doctor went to his office got his phone and downloaded it. The entire room was singing when my baby finally came out. We were all in tears. The whole experience was so magical that 3 years later we still cry and laugh about it! My daughter knows "her song" and for her birthday we took her to meet Dawn, another awesome experience. I just want to say thank you for doing "what we do" as nurses and creating an awesomely magical experience that will stay with us forever.