Deb Bentley

Deb Bentley

Deb Bentley, MS, RN, APRN

Palliative Care
Miami Valley Hospital

My mom was admitted to Miami Valley Hospital on August 17, after respiratory and cardiac arrest. As an RN myself, it was evident to me when I saw her, that she had no brain activity. I knew she would not want to be on a ventilator under these circumstances. Deb was consulting knowing we would probably be withdrawing care in the next few days. Deb was present when the MD spoke with us about Mom's condition and our options. Deb interpreted and explained to all of us with great care and compassion the details we did not understand. She was with us when mom died. She hugged us and cried with us as if she were family also. She allowed me to "be the daughter and not the nurse".

Thank you, Deb for guiding us through this important time.


Deb Bentley is an amazing person. She has raised a beautiful family as she returned to school on the long road to being an outstanding palliative care nurse. Her journey in nursing has included bedside critical care, management and currently what seems to be her passion of guiding patients and families through end of life decisions and experiences. Her knowledge and communication skills are monumental when working with families and our nursing staff. On the units at MVH, nurses literally breath a sigh of relief when we see Deb has arrived to consult with distressed families as they struggle with end of life decisions for their loved one. Deb is nonjudgmental and compassionate as she presents options to confused, anxious families and friends. She is very supportive of our staff and always available with her team for questions and follow up information.

Deb's experience, compassion and generous spirit has made each moment with her exceptional. She is highly skilled, insightful and sensitive to our needs when the very sacred end of life is encountered.

We are very thankful for Deb Bentley!