Debbie Reak

Debbie Reak, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Ms. Reak has been an exceptional nurse. When my daughter was first admitted into ICU on the Oncology floor, Debbie was one of her nurses. Debbie did everything she could to make my daughter comfortable. She was exceptionally loving and caring during this time. She was also training an Intern who had the same personality Debbie had. Debbie made sure we had more than enough linen, towels, and any type medicine, to make sure that my daughter was comfortable. My daughter went through a painful bone marrow procedure. Debbie was right at her bedside as well as mine. When I was upset, she comforted me. Any need we had, she made sure we had it. Her personality is natural. Her knowledge of her job is extraordinary. She did all she could to make sure my daughter healed faster. Debbie treated us as if we were family.