Deborah D'Orazio

Deborah D'Orazio, RN

3 West
NCH Healthcare System
Naples, Florida
United States

This is just one of three nominations that earned Deb the DAISY Award:

We have a young patient on our floor with numerous medical and psychiatric issues. This patient has tried all of the staff here, really to the point where no one wants to care for her anymore. Everyone except Deb. Deb continues to work with this patient. Working on ADL’s, working on self care behaviors. She has never given up on her. Deb even went to Publix to buy her extra food since the patient didn’t like the hospital food. When I told Deb that I was writing a nomination for her, she told me that she doesn’t do this for any kind of recognition. She cares for the patients because she loves being a nurse and this is what she always wanted to do with her life. Deb comes to work every day with the mentality that she is going to go beyond the call of duty. She does that every day, even with the really tough patients that everyone else has given up on.