Deborah "Sue" Horn

Sue Horn

Deborah "Sue" Horn, RN

Huntington Hospital
Pasadena, California
United States
I began to cry, and Sue came to comfort and reassure me.

Sue spent time talking to me and I learned so much from her. It is evident she has a heart of gold. I wanted to go home soon and realized this wouldn’t be possible, as I required IV antibiotics.  I began to cry, and Sue came to comfort and reassure me.  Sue discussed options for going home with my physician and different types of care, she really was my advocate.  Finally, after many discussions, Sue came in and with a demure smile said, “I have good news, you can go home after tonight’s antibiotics”.  She saved me, my angel saved me.  The care she provided me made such a difference in my life, I will never forget the care Sue provided.  She is a true DAISY Nurse: compassionate, caring, dedicated, making a difference, going above and beyond by addressing my physical and mental needs.  She is an angel and I am thankful her for her knowledge and advocacy and caring in my time of need.