Diane Sternbauer

Diane Sternbauer

Diane Sternbauer, BSN, RN

Transplant Clinic
DMC Harper-Hutzel Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Diane, I would like for everyone to know how you have changed my life and the lives of so many others.

For those of you who have never met Diane or worked with her, you are truly missing out on knowing a remarkable individual.  Diane is one of the coordinators at Harper's Transplant Clinic. She has been with the Transplant Clinic for over 30 years, educating ESRD and Transplant patients.   Whenever you see her, she has the most contagious smile. As a transplant recipient I can remember the first time I met Diane. Being nervous and unsure of what to expect, she greeted me with such a warm smile and explained all my labs and taught me how to be successful by taking my medications the same time every day.  When Diane was faced with her own health challenges, she never let it affect the care she provided to her patients.

When a patient enters the Transplant clinic, it is always extremely busy. All the patients sit in the lobby, waiting to be called.  As a patient, you can hear all the different conversations around you.  Many times the patients share stories and talk about what a wonderful person Diane is.  You can hear them laugh and say "make sure you don't take your medications before your labs are drawn" (smile).

When Diane comes in to see a patient, she always asks with that big warm smile on her face "how are you feeling? When is the last time you took your medication?".

On those days when you are not feeling well, she always sees straight through you and recognizes that it is not a great day.   Diane loves to educate her patients to ensure they know the names all of their medications and why they are being taken.

She shares herself with her patients by bringing in family photos of her children and all the fabulous trips she has taken.  Even though I have never met her children or grandchildren, I feel like I know them,  just by watching them grow through the eyes of photographs. Diane, I would like for everyone to know how you have changed my life and the lives of so many others. Always understanding, giving a needed hug, that beautiful smile and never judging. Thank you so much!  The DAISY Award is reserved for extraordinary nurses and Diane exemplifies this distinguished honor. It is my pleasure to announce that you have been chosen as the DAISY Award Winner!  You Deserve it.