Dianne Crabtree

Dianne Crabtree, RN

Medical Surgical
Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States

Dianne Crabtree is being nominated for continued expression of compassion and advocacy for patients. One of the many examples is going out of the way to buy a CD player for a patient who was on the unit for a very long time. The patient was a music producer in his country. He was very depressed and the gesture was in hopes that this would lift his spirit. On many occasions the nurse would sit in his room to chart and talk to him, just to keep the patient company. He would also be taken outside by the nurse even when not being assigned to him.

Another occasion was with a different patient. This very young man was diagnosed with cancer. Dianne became the patient's and family support system throughout his treatment. The patient and the mother frequently received calls from Dianne to remind them about their appointments and follow up care. In return the family was allowed to call the nurse any time, whether at home or work. Each call was received with a smile and courteousness. Each question was willingly answered and assistance was given on their concerns.

Having an extraordinary nurse that is also a great coworker and friend deserves to know that the care, compassion and advocacy given do not go unnoticed.