Elaine Zartman

Elaine Zartman

Elaine Zartman, BSN, RN

Women's and Babies PACU
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

I was induced at WBH on May 26th. After a long induction process, I had to have a rather urgent C-Section because I had developed fevers and our baby's heart rate wasn't tolerating the fevers. Our beautiful daughter was born on May 28th at 0650. This was our first baby after a complicated pregnancy, and we couldn't have been happier to have her in our lives now. Due to my fevers, she had to be taken directly to the NICU from the OR for monitoring.

When I got to the PACU, a wonderful and kind nurse, Elaine Zartman, cared for me. She was comforting and supportive with the distress of having to have your baby to NICU instead of being with you right away. I got to PACU around 0730 on May 28th. Elaine told me that her goal was for me to go and see my daughter in NICU. She made that happen! She herself wheeled me in the litter over to NICU at 0830 so I could see my new bundle of joy. It is a tough job to push litters from my personal nursing experience, and she did it on her own! She stayed by my side in NICU while the NICU nurse gave me an update on the baby. Elaine then took me in the litter back to my room in the women's inpatient unit. She reviewed the info the NICU nurse told me, because she knew it was a lot of information to process at one time! Also, to my surprise the next day, Elaine came to NICU to visit me while there. She wanted to make sure everything was going okay. She truly went the extra mile to make sure we were both doing well and provided ongoing support through a stressful process.

Elaine exceeded her routine duties as a nurse. Elaine made our time at WBH Extra special. Thank you Elaine.