Elamma Augustine

Elamma Augustine, RN

Blythedale Children's Hospital
Valhalla, New York
United States

Elamma is an excellent Nurse. Always smiling and happy.  She always comes fast when we need her. She is very helpful for patients and parents. She showed us how to take care of our son. It is because of her that I became confident in doing things for my son. I'm so afraid to leave my son alone in the room, but if she is here I can go out with my family and get some rest. I am so relaxed seeing her walking to my son smiling. I think she is more than a nurse. She is like a mother to my son. She understands our difficulties and we feel comfortable  sharing our problems with her. We are so lucky to have her as my son's nurse, but  she took care of all of us very well during our stay at Blythedale. We love her.