Elizabeth Guevara

Elizabeth Guevara, NP

Maternal Fetal Medicine
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, California
United States

I nominate Elizabeth Guevara, NP from Maternal Fetal Medicine at EVC OBGYN for the DAISY award.

Elizabeth Guevara is an outstanding NP from Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM). She epitomizes patient advocacy, excellent patient care and patient education. She is always looking for ways to make patient care process efficient, effective and patient friendly. She is one of the leading forces in the development and implementation of the new guidelines for testing diabetes early in pregnancy for early intervention. She has been coordinating with our laboratory staff to make changes happen in a timely manner. She has given in-services to OB staff and providers in our organization as well as community providers on the new changes in prenatal care.

Being bilingual in English and Spanish, she is culturally sensitive to the needs of the patient population we serve. We refer most of our high risk and gestational diabetic patients to her for prenatal follow up. She is an excellent care-giver and patient educator that patients do stick to the regimen she gives them.

Elizabeth consistently coordinates patient care with OBGYN for her patients who may choose or undergo procedures such as vaginal delivery after a cesarean section, birth control counseling as well as choices in delivery consultation.

It is a pleasure to work with Elizabeth Guevara, NP as part of the OB team that takes care of our pregnant patients during their prenatal and postnatal care.