Erin Boren

Erin Boren, RN, BSN, CCRN

Texas Health Huguley Fort Worth South
Burleson, Texas
United States

Always has a smile on her face and a positive engaging attitude towards her patients and fellow co-workers. The kind of person you always want to be around.

Always puts her patients first in every way possible by increasing her knowledge base through certification and promoting a strong quality of nursing care.

Erin is respected and well-liked by all Texas Health Huguley employees and physicians.

Erin communicates well with other disciplinary team members so that her patients receive the best care. Always puts patient 1st and is a strong advocate for her patients.

Erin spends time with each patient and family member ensuring they are comfortable and understand the plan of care. Patients & families LOVE, LOVE Erin.

Erin possesses excellent assessment skills and always recognizes a change in patient status, as well as the capability to handle any critical issues.

Erin possesses excellent people skills. She always looks out for other team members, making sure she steps in and helps others when needed.


There are many stories about Erin being a great co-worker, nurse and patient advocate. A few weeks ago I took a patient to the floor (transfer from ICU to Med-Surg). The patient was literally teary eyed because she was so sad to not have Erin as her nurse, and so thankful for her excellent care. The best thing I love about Erin is that when she is in her patients room she never ever appears rushed for that she may not have time for them or family. Often I see her sitting beside the patient feeding them when a tech could do that for her. She prefers to do it herself, to spend one on one time with her patients.