Erin Cunningham

Erin Cunningham, RN, BSN

Progressive Care
Canyon Vista Medical Center
Sierra Vista, Arizona
United States

Nomination #1: Erin is not bashful—tells it like it is. That is what captured my attention. And, to my surprise, I can talk about any problem without being shyed away or laughed at.

Nomination #2: During my stay in the hospital, Erin was one of my night nurses who went out of her way to provide exceptional quality care. She assessed my pain every time she came in to check on me; she provided pain medications when I was authorized to have them, and she clustered her care to limit my distractions so I could rest.

Nomination #3: Erin takes the time to explain what is happening in the patient’s life at the moment. She went over my condition with me and answered all of my concerns. She explained in detail my condition and gave me hope and encouragement. She is compassionate and a great asset to this hospital. She is a very kind and caring person and deserves to be recognized.