Erin Jahanshahi

Erin Jahanshahi, RN

Pre Op
Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

Erin is an ecellent nurse! She has been nominated for the DAISY award by all of her co workers in pre op and post op. She is a great asset to pre op & to Ortho Indy in general. She has a cheerful smile and personality. She professionally present herself to alpatients & visitors in a fair & respectful manner, She treats everyone equally & is non- judgmental. Her many years and roles in orthopaedics have given her a wealth of knowledge which she shares with all. She is a great preceptor, charge nurse, co worker & educator to both high school & college students. She participates in Nursing 2000 & the Capstone program. Eris is very reliable, thorough,effecient,a versitle & has great work ethics. She is a great role model & like by everyone. We feel Erin represents the type of employee who should receive the DAISY award.