Gene Grodzinsky

Gene Grodzinsky

Gene Grodzinsky, RN

The University of Kansas Hospital
Kansas City, Kansas
United States

Gene served as my day nurse during the time I was in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Having just experienced a five-hour heart procedure the day before and an uncomfortable, restless night, I met Gene and his unique sense of humor, kindly candor and his special "way" of addressing the more mundane "concerns" of patient care the following morning. Gene was there whenever I needed something. I never had to wait, and he often anticipated those needs before I had to make a request; suggesting that I order something to eat and bringing me water with ice.

Gene's attention to my physical well-being was thorough and detailed. He always kept me informed about what he was doing and why he was doing it. He also provided me with additional information to supplement the information provided by my physicians.

His efforts and contribution to my care may seem small to others, but my husband and I agree: Gene's approach to my care kept me cognitively engaged and "on my toes". He lifted both our spirits which is a critical component in any patient's recovery.

There was one early evening during my stay in the CICU, when I experienced a "setback". My recovery was not proceeding as expected. Gene, with his matter-of-fact approach and common sense, was there to help me gain perspective so that I could better understand and deal with my situation. He buoyed my spirit when I sorely needed it and for that I am eternally grateful.

No one wants to spend time in an intensive care unit, but Gene's sense of humor; refreshing approach to patient care concerns; his mental, emotional, and physical support; and his willingness to advocate for me are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Gene deserves to be a recipient of The University of Kansas Hospital's DAISY Award.