Genevieve Alasagas

Genevieve Alasagas

Genevieve Alasagas, RN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Gennie is an exceptional super nurse. She deserves to be recognized as a strong and compassionate nurse, who provides so much help and care to our floor. When Gennie first started on 7SE, she came with this friendly smiling face and seemed to have an intuition when it comes to nursing especially oncology nursing. She is easy to approach with questions, she never puts you down, and she always will find an answer, she never leaves you hanging she has your back and when I work with Gennie, I feel so supported.

Gennie provides, respect, comfort, trust and safety to patients. Being in a room with her and another patient you can tell she has things under control, and provides a sense of calmness and reassurance. Patients are grateful to have her as their nurse, she has this poise and presence in their rooms, she gives such good care to people.

Gennie excels in all levels of nursing: charge RN, preceptor and resource. Patients and their families can rely on her to provide exceptional care and tap into her wealth of experience. Gennie greets each new challenge with a smile. She truly has a healing touch.